1. What is Komli Play?

Komli Play helps advertisers take this magic and bring it alive on digital media. Not just that, it makes the experience even more gratifying by allowing users to magnify the idea and interact with the video content.

2. What’s Play's USP? vs competition?

Advertisers can use the Play platform to develop and deliver high engaging video and rich media advertisements

  1. The platform gives advertisers a deep level of analytic and insights that reports not only video clicks and views but also information about the user's interaction with the ad.
  2. Komli Play boasts of a well-entrenched list of publishers including over 200 of the nation's largest media companies.
  3. We give you an incremental reach on your video plan. We have usually lower CPV than youtube.
  4. We are highly transparent in our delivery reporting.
  5. The platform has the ability to deliver to popular HTML5-compatible mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch, and android devices.
  6. Komli play offers advertisers a whole range of creative canvases, allowing them to choose a unit best suited for their needs.

3. Do you offer CPV? How much inventory/reach on this?

Yes , we offer CPV. Inventory is virtually limitless on CPV.

4. How many sites/Pubs do we have in Play? Inventory total count?

We have more than 500 sites (both direct and network partners). Inventory is around 100 Mn per month.

5. How many ad units does Play have?

We have 25 ad-units 1n-banner & In-stream

6. What all do you offer in reporting?

We are highly transparent in our delivery reporting, reports are sent directly from the system to into of client, so there is no scope of any wrong data incorporation. We share reach numbers, impressions, Video Views (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) and number of interactions.

7. Can you make the creative for me?

We make all our creative in-house at no extra cost!

8. What is Komli Play's mobile offering?

Komli Play is a network which allows you to serve your mobile video ad campaigns on multiple apps and mobile websites.

9. What kind of mobile video campaigns can I run?

You can run your mobile video campaigns as:
- Mobile pre-rolls
- Mobile full screen video ads on interstitial inventory
- Komli Mobile Rich Media ad units

10. Where do my ads show?

- Your ads will show up on a list of carefully selected and brand safe mobile apps and websites
- We can share a indicative list of where your campaign will run which is a mixture of international and premium domestic publishers

11. What are the targeting options?

Os- Android, i05, Others
Genre - Women, tech, news, business, entertainment, gaming and social

12. What do I as an advertiser need to provide you to get started?

  1. video file in any format ( we will do the conversion )
  2. We recommend a maximum duration of 30s
  3. Landing page URL

13. How many sites and apps do you have?

We typically have upwards of 500-800 mobile websites and 10,000+ mobile apps on our network

14. How do you protect my brand safety?

- We have very stringent content and quality guidelines for our publishers and make sure your campaigns run on only brand safe inventory
- Whitelisting : For premium campaigns we give you the option to pick and choose a collection of 20-50 sites and apps from our list and restrict your campaign to only those.

15. What metrics do you provide reporting on?

Impressions , clicks and completion rates - Quartile reporting i.e. what % of users viewed 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the video - For rich media video campaigns we can track as many metrics as specified by you.

16. Do you provide creative support?

We support you on
- Basic video editing i.e. changing format and reducing duration etc
- Rich Media ad creation - As per your brief

17. What are the pricing models possible?

- CPC in the case of RON Interstitial buy