1. Where will my Ad be served?

Komli Mobile has partnered with various mobile publishers and content aggregators. The Ads based on the level of targeting, are served on these publishers’ Sites / Apps.

2. Does it cost me anything to sign-up?

No, it is a free process.

3. Who can Advertise on Komli Mobile?

Any organization which wants to communicate a message to its target audience can be an Advertiser on Komli Mobile.

4. What are the targeting options on Komli Mobile?

An Advertiser can select single or multiple targeting options to reach the target audience:

  1. Geographic Targeting - location-wise
  2. Device Manufacturer, Model, OS and Keyword Targeting
  3. Carrier or Telecom Operator - like AT&T, Vodafone etc.,
  4. Channel Targeting - Entertainment, Mobile SNS, Mobile news etc.,

5. How much does it cost to run a campaign?

The cost of a campaign is directly related to the level of targeting an Advertiser chooses. Higher the level of targeting higher would be the cost. On SMS we would charge the Advertiser on a CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) while on WAP we would charge on CPC (cost per click) basis for Text Ads and Banner Ads

6. I don’t have my own mobile site can I still run Ads on Komli Mobile?

Yes, you can do so by using our brand new tool to create landing pages in a jiffy

7. How can I measure the performance of my campaign?

You can Login at anytime and check the performance of your campaign on the basis of impressions, clicks, and amount spent etc.

8. How do I start?

Simply Register with us & start creating your Ads.

9. Can I target specific cities in my Country?

Yes, Komli Mobile provides Advertiser to target specific cities in USA to reach their direct audience. We are going to expand DMA targeting in other countries as well. For more information on DMA targeting Click here.

10.What is the minimum bid price I can set up?

The bid price will vary according to the country targeting. The minimum bid price of any campaign is $0.03 for India.

11. How do I create a new campaign?

After logging into your account, click on the tab named “Campaign” and then click on “Start a Campaign” to create your campaign. The new version allows you to create a campaign and define an Ad in a single process.

12. Can I target my Ad to Nokia N95 users specifically?

Yes. With Komli Mobile, you can show your Ad to your direct audience exclusively by targeting Specific Manufacturer and Device Models

13. Will I get a new login ID and password for the new version?

Yes. You will be provided with a new login ID and password for the new version

14. Are there 2 different logins for Advertiser and Publisher in the new version also?

No. If you are both an Advertiser and a publisher, one unique login ID will be sufficient in the New Version to access both Advertiser Reports and Publisher Reports.

15. Will I get any notification once my account reaches the minimum balance?

Yes. You will get an automated email notification once your account reaches the minimum balance amount of $50.

16. Can I create a new landing page with your network?

You can create your own landing page using different Ad mechanics like Click to Call, Lead Generation etc with Komli Mobile.

17. How do I create a new Ad to the existing campaign?

Select the tab “Create an Ad” under Campaign Section. Then select the relevant campaign and define the new Ad.

18. Can I create both text and banner Ads at the same time?

You can define both Text and Banner Ad at the same time. You can also define text and banner Ads while creating the campaign itself.

19. Do I need to create different campaigns for each and every Ad?

No. You can create multiple Ads under a single campaign and set the respective targeting and budgeting for that campaign.

20. Is there any reason behind changing the Banner Ad sizes in the new version?

Banner Ad sizes have been changed to comply with the MMA Global Standards.

21. Is Komli Mobile 2.0 more helpful for billing purpose?

The New version is completely designed in USD currency rates. Hence you can view all the stats in USD.

22. Will the platform be helpful for self-serve?

Self-serve is easier now as the new version of Komli Mobile is more user friendly.

23. Will Komli Mobile allow me to create text Ads with more than 50 characters?

No. Komli Mobile comply with the guidelines of “MMA Global Standards”; hence the maximum characters are limited to 50 for the text Ads.

24. What is the mode of payment?

You can make your payment through PayPal or Wire Transfer.

25. Do you provide any performance tracking tools with respect to channel targeting?

With Komli Mobile Mobile Analytics, you can view the detailed reports on traffic, Ad wise reports and channel-wise targeting reports like handset overview, carrier overview, etc.

26. How Komli Mobile differ from other Ad Networks?

Komli Mobile partners with branded Publisher serve quality traffic. Since your Ads are exposed to Premium traffic, there is very high probability of huge Return on Investment.

27. May I know the publishers on the Komli Mobile network?

Komli Mobile is the blind network and allows you to target based on a list of parameters

28. Something is not working - how do I get in touch...

Our goal is to have you as a highly satisfied customer. At anytime, if you have any queries please email us at support [at] komlimobile dot com and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Content Guidelines

Komli Mobile believes in upholding itself to the laws of every country where ADs are being served. To this goal, publishers and advertisers are expected to do their own research to ensure that their content is in compliance with local country rules and regulations. Komli Mobile does not run ADs on sites with the following types of content nor does it allow advertising for such products or services. Komli Mobile does not run ADs on sites with the following types of content nor does it allow advertising for products or services which contain the following types of content

  • Nudity, Sexual Material
  • Violence
  • Alcohol
  • Hateful Speech
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Prostitution
  • Tobacco and Cigarettes
  • Weapons