1. What is Komli Search?

Komli Search helps advertisers access the best kind of strategy, planning, campaign management, optimization and reporting with a dedicated team of Sales and Account Managers.

2. What's Komli Search's USP? vs competition?

  1. Full service solution from planning, strategy, campaign setup, optimization and reporting.
  2. Team of Google Adwords certified Account managers with 3+ years of experience.
  3. Agency support from Google to provide better advertising insights and explore new features.
  4. Ability to run all type of campaigns on Google Search, GDN, Youtube, WAP, InApp, GSP and Google Remarketing.

3. What all do you offer in reporting?

We are highly transparent in our delivery reporting, reports are sent directly to inbox of client, so there is no scope of any wrong data incorporation. We share relevant metrics as per the campaign objective with analysis and recommendations.

4. Can you make the creative for me?

We make all our creative in-house at no extra cost!

5. What do I as an advertiser need to provide you to get started?

  1. Access to an Adwords account (if you have one), else we help create an account for you on your credit line.
  2. Campaign objective and target audience details

6. Do you provide creative support ?

We support you on
- Banner creatives for desktop and mobile devices

7. What are the pricing models possible ?

- CPC (recommended)
- CPV (only for Youtube campaigns)