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In a vast ocean of consumer and media-related data, the Gigawatts of power devoted to number crunching is essentially for the purpose of finding correlations or patterns in all the randomness.

There are already many proven ‘algorithms’ that successfully predict a future action with high confidence. However, there is still much speculation about what ‘works’, so ‘test budgets’ are still the MO of many advertisers.
One data point worth discussing is what we call Behavioral Capture Points, or BCPs, and how BCPs correlate to the extent of site engagement, or for that matter, campaign performance.

At the risk of acronym overkill, Komli’s premium media network (guaranteed inventory) sits on a Data Management Platform (DMP). This elegant piece of technology captures every action by every visitor on a site – links selected, search terms used, video watched, content read and products purchased (or not). The list goes on.

Every action is mapped as a BCP, which in turn gives any site with a DMP connection a BCP score. It’s this score that Komli relies on in no small measure to validate (and value) our premium publishers.
Why? Because the correlation between a BCP score and audience engagement is a lot stronger than when simple measures like average session duration or average page impressions are applied.

There’s simply no reason why an advertiser should not query a publisher about their BCP score, along with various other audience metrics. 

Examples of BCPs:

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